Scientific Council

jakimiuk-artur Chairman of the Scientific Council
Professor Janina Stępińska
Professor Monika Bekiesińska-Figatowska
Associate Professor Magdalena Rutkowska, Ph.D.
sobecka-justyna Secratariat:
Iwona Budzisz
22 32 77 383
Lipsk building, room 210

Responsibilities of the Scientific Council

  • Adopting the Statutes,
  • Conducting a competition for the position of a Director,
  • Submitting applications to the minister responsible for health asking to appoint or dismiss the director,
  • Giving opinions on candidates for the posts of deputy director, scientific secretary and heads of organisational units specified in the organisational regulations.
  • Giving opinions on directional plans, thematic research and development and financial plans of the IMC, as well as on director's annual reports,
  • Approving prospective directions of research, development and implementation,
  • Giving opinions on proposals on mergers, splits, transformations or reorganisations of the IMC and regular cooperation between the IMC and other legal entities,
  • Giving opinions on the organizational rules,
  • Giving opinions on the annual financial plan,
  • Giving opinions on the annual financial statements,
  • Giving opinions on the distribution of the IMC's profit,
  • Giving opinions on the qualifications of persons applying for posts related to scientific and technical research and making periodic evaluations of scientific and track record of those employees,
  • Giving opinions on applications for grants,
  • Conducting doctoral and habilitation procedures and procedures for granting an academic title in the field of medical sciences,
  • Applying to the Director for an appointment to the post of a full professor or an associate professor,
  • Giving opinions on programs conducted by the Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies Institute,
  • Appointing a disciplinary spokesperson.
Members of the Scientific Council

Members of the Scientific Council term 2015-2019


No Person Scientific specialisation
1. Professor Jerzy Bal molecular genetics
2. Professor Monika Bekiesińska-Figatowska radiodiagnostics
3. Professor Jan Godziński oncological surgery, pediatric oncology
4. Professor Ewa Helwich pediatrics, neonatology, lung disease
5. Associate Professor Konrad Kamil Hozyasz Ph.D.
pediatrics, metabolic pediatrics
6. Professor Artur Jakimiuk obstetrics and gynecology
7. Professor Barbara Kowalewska-Kantecka pediatrics
8. Professor Bożena Leszczyńska-Gorzelak obstetrics and gynecology
9. Associate Professor Joanna Mazur Ph.D.
biostatistics, health sciences
10. Associate Professor Michał Milewski Ph.D.
medical biology
11. Associate Professor Anna Oblacińska Ph.D.
12. Professor Przemysław Oszukowski obstetrics and gynecology
13. Associate Professor Magdalena Rutkowska Ph.D.
pediatrics, neonatology
14. Associate Professor Dorota Sands Ph.D. pediatrics, allergology, lung disease
15. Associate Professor Ewa Sawicka Ph.D.
pediatric surgery
16. Professor Włodzimierz Sawicki obstetrics and gynecology
17. Professor Janina Stępińska cardiology
18. Katarzyna Szamotulska Ph.D. clinical and general epidemiology, biostatistics
19. Associate Professor Elżbieta Szczepanik Ph.D. pediatric neurology
20 Agata Szkiełkowska Ph.D.
phoniatrics, otolaryngology, audiology
21. Professor Michał Troszyński obstetrics and gynecology
22. Marek Ussowicz Ph.D.
pediatrics, oncology,pediatric hematology
23. Professor Mieczysław Walczak pediatrics
24. Professor Jerzy Walecki neuroradiology, radiodiagnostics
25. Associate Professor Halina Weker Ph.D.
human nutrition
26. Teresa Klepacka Ph.D.
27. Beata Nowakowska Ph.D. genetics
28. Ewa Obersztyn Ph.D.
clinical genetics
29. Mariusz Ołtarzewski Ph.D.
laboratory diagnostics
30. Grażyna Rowicka Ph.D.